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I first saw Dr. Florendo (my first chiropractic experience) on the recommendation of an acquaintance in 2008 after injuring my shoulder. Doc immediately knew what the problem was and fixed. This was after other medical professionals failed to do so. The following year I went back to him regarding spinal issues. My neck and back were in knots and I felt terrible. This is when I begand taking chiropractic treatment seriously and began noticing significant improvements in flexibility, posture, and general well being. Regrettably, I stopped my treatment when I felt better.

In early 2012, I noticed a tingling and numbing sensation in my right hand while knitting, holding a book to read, or while sleeping on my right side. My primary care physician ordered an MRI that showed degeneration of the cervical spine and physical therapy was started. I cannot say that physical therapy did any good. I again consulted Dr. Florendo, who read the MRI and gave me an explanation of the problem like no one else had and explained how he could help. We have been working on my spine issues (there are more) plus another shoulder injury ever since, and I have noticed a decrease in symptoms and more freedom of muscle movement.

I have great respect for Dr. Florendo and trust him, knowing he has my best interests in mind.

-Marilyn Neumann

Hi my name is April!

My two kids and I have been patients of Dr. Florendo for 6 years. My daughter and I started coming to see Dr. Florendo for bad headaches and neck pain. We saw improvement within 1 month. We hardly ever have headaches and neck pain anymore. I recently have had bad hip pain from hip dysplasia I was born with Dr. Florendo has been adjusting it and doing ultrasound therapy on my hip and it has been feeling better. My kids and I rarely ever get sick since we started having routine chiropractic treatment. Dr. Florendo and his wife Deb treat you like your part of their family. They are compassionate and warm. Dr. Florendo takes his time and explains your conditions and recommended treatment and answers all your questions as long as it takes. You never feel rushed or as if you asked a dumb question. Also you don’t have to wait long at all to be seen! And they always make time for you if you call the same day or walk in! Thank you for everything you have done for my kids and I Dr. Florendo and your wife Deb!

“Dr. Florendo is the greatest. He is so caring and passionate with his patients. He is thorough and genuine. He teaches you and inspires you to change your ways of living to a healthier way. Dr. Florendo is dedicated to his patients. After an accident with my leg and hips, I went to see Dr. Florendo. I was in terrible pain with a torn hamstring. He has helped me so much with his therapy. He also helped me with a bout of pneumonia with his oxygen and Glutathione therapy. He is not your average crack the bone chiropractor.”

– Italia C.

“When I first came to see Dr. Florendo, I had extreme pain in the right side of my face day and night. I couldn’t eat and sleep. I would have to sleep sitting down, I had to go to the hospital twice I tried many medications for two years nothing work.

And now, after treatment, I now feel way better it’s a sudden relief. I can now eat properly. I can drink water. I’m in a better mood now, because the most important thing is that now I can finally sleep like a normal person. My whole family now gets care.”

Thank you so much.

– Carmen H.

“When I first came to see Dr. Florendo, I had a very sore neck and right shoulder from an accident in the gym. I had trouble lifting my shoulder at any angle.

And now, after treatment, I now feel my neck is much better I have full motion that I didnt have before. My shoulder is much better I can rotate it almost pain free with continued treatment I am hopeful that I will regain full use.”

Thanks Dr Florendo -Bill

“When I first came to see Dr. Florendo, I had lower back pain, neck pain, head tremors, and a hiatus hernia

And now, After treatment, I now feel 100% better also I have had a problem with a hiatel hernia and Dr. John has been helping me alleviate the pain. We are also working with a tremor in my head. Dr. John is a geat Doctor”

Thanks Dr. John -Norma

“When I first came to see Dr. Florendo, I had.. extremely painful leg pains at night. I would have to sleep sitting down and I had to go the hospital twice. I tried many medications for two years and nothing worked.

And now, After treatment and care, I now feel… way better with sudden relief. I can sit properly, I can feel my legs. I am in a better mood now because the most important thing is that now I can finally sleep like a normal person thank you so much!”

Thanks, Lisa A

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